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And then he told all that Thistle had done to show his love for her; how he had wandered far and wide to seek the Fairy gifts, and toiled long and hard to win them; how he had been loving, true, and tender, when most lonely and forsaken.
If our home is beautiful, we have made it so by industry; and here, as one large, loving family, we dwell; no sorrow, care, or discord can enter in, while all obey the voice of her who seeks to be a wise and gentle Queen to them.
An investigation into an incident at Modern Flooring, Tir Llwyd Industrial Estate, Kimmel Bay, on October 16, has led police to seek the assistance of the people in picture nine.
The SEEK subsidiary SEEK Asia first bought a 10% stake in JobStreet, and lifted its stake in JobStreet to 21.
In all the other districts, Democrats seek to replace Republicans, whether incumbents or not.
Bill A4331 seeks to amend the existing eminent domain law.
Pantaleo details how children make connections and fill in gaps to gain the "information" they seek, which is a story that makes sense to them.
Insurers invariably seek to rescind policies containing such representations or warranties when faced with securities fraud claims based upon financial statements incorporated by reference into the application or the policy.
husbands, sons) may experience similar levels of burden and depression as found for females; yet, these male caregivers are less likely to seek assistance or admit their adversities (Kaye & Applegate, 1997; Yee & Schultz, 1999).
Revise Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreements (ACSA): This initiative would seek authority to expand current legislation to provide a greater degree of flexibility in establishing ACSAs with nations and international organizations.
Therefore, we seek $400 million for support and assistance to partners that have faced financial and military hardship, as well as political hardship, as a result of having contributed to the coalition efforts.