seek advice

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PEOPLE struggling with serious debts could be given a six-week "breathing space" free from further interest, penalty charges or the threat of enforcement action, allowing them to seek advice on managing money problems.
A survey has indicated that a significant number of customers would not seek advice for investing less than GBP25,000.
And identifying additional funding followed third, as more small firms seek advice on getting capital essential for continued business growth.
They should seek advice from the nearest Omani commission before concluding such transactions.
How to help ease your symptoms and prevent the virus spreading: | Drink plenty of water to avoid dehy-|dration Take paracetamol for any fever or |aches and pains If you feel like eating, eat foods that |are easy to digest Stay at home - don't go to see your |GP because norovirus is contagious and there's nothing your GP can do while you have it Contact your GP to seek advice if |your symptoms last longer than a few days or if you already have a serious illness Wash your hands frequently | Don't share towels and flannels | Disinfect surfaces that an infected |person has touched Avoid visiting hospitals if you have | had the typical symptoms of norovirus in the past 48 hours.
He admitted he cannot rule that the option was absolutely out, but it was his duty to seek advice first before making a commitment.
Individuals perceive those who seek advice as more competent than those who do not seek advice," the authors write.
It will be an opportunity to "assess relations between Algeria and Mali, find ways and means to ensure their expansion and reinforcement and to discuss regional and international issues of common interest," it said Keita said in a press statement he was here to see President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, and seek advice from him on several regional and international issues.
The study by YorKshire BanK also showed that many of the firms which do seeK advice are seeing "significant" financial benefit as a result.
To develop a better understanding of how to encourage firms to seek advice, and of what types of advice and delivery models work best.
WORKERS facing redundancy ahead of the closure of a Northumberland company have been urged to seek advice as soon as possible.
3% more likely to be suffering with anger * Parents wishing to seek advice about their children's aggressive behaviour, or a range of other parenting issues, should call the Parentline on 0808 800 2222, or visit the website www.