seek information

See: inquire
References in classic literature ?
It was in vain to seek information on the subject from the natives, since none of them had seen the animal, the appearance of which remains a mystery to me to this day.
It is the purpose of the Mahars thus to raise a force of our own kind to combat the growth and menace of the new empire of which I have come to seek information.
The purpose of this notice is therefore to seek information but without any commitment at this stage to go out to the market
About the kind of information sought, it said, most of the passengers seek information on PNR status through phone on IVRS system while about 62 per cent seek information about confirmation of their seats.
The LRs -- judicial requests -- will be sent to the UK, Italy, Mauritius and Tunisia, through which agency would seek information about financial transactions undertaken by companies and individuals named in the alleged deal involving kickbacks paid to Indian officials.
A survey of Kiwi men is underway this month to determine where they go to seek information and who they talk to when experiencing stress.
Mary Art, a LIMRA research director, notes that nearly 7 in 10 consumers (69 percent) continue to seek information from agents, brokers and advisors, who are "often viewed as the most valuable and influential information sources.
2 : to seek information from <consult a dictionary>
The head of Pakistan's powerful Military Intelligence claimed Thursday that Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftkhar Mohammad Chaudri had been regularly meeting him to seek information about other judges on the Supreme Court and on the High Court in Punjab Province.
The library media center then becomes a place where children seek information through a variety of materials (Huck et.
About 32 million people didn't bother to visit a physician or seek information about health concerns.
org), the resource is targeted to industry professionals who seek information on mergers and acquisitions, alliances, case studies and e-retailing trends, companies and business issues.