seek legal redress

See: litigate
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The Constitution allows and, in fact, encourages any aggrieved citizen to seek legal redress whenever there is suspicion of transgression of the law.
The statement signed by the Bank's Acting Director in charge of Corporate Communications, Isaac Okorafor, emphasized that dealers and investors in any kind of cryptocurrency in Nigeria were not protected by law, thus may be unable to seek legal redress in event of failure of the exchangers or collapse of the business.
The two said they will seek legal redress as they are not criminals and have not been charged in court.
The Council of Churches points out that it acknowledges the pathway of petitioners to seek legal redress through the court system on the conduct of the October 10 presidential and representatives' elections, and also the mature manner in which the Supreme Court has acted upon the matter.
To this day where and when the problem started is a mystery so I have been unable to seek legal redress as Geoffrey Lee did.
And Mr Edwards, who moved to the Scottish Highlands, partly because of the stresses of Hillsborough, yesterday told the ECHO: "For many years, I said that I would not seek legal redress for my own pain and suffering until the families had achieved justice.
Its also about improving the service our civil courts offer to all the individuals and businesses in this country who seek legal redress.
Asked if he would seek legal redress, Abu Eid said he had "turned to God" instead, since he trusted no court, Israeli or any other.
While vowing to respect the rule of law, Poe said she would continue to fight the disqualification suits against her and exercise her right to seek legal redress so that other foundlings who may want to become public servants would not have to experience the hardships she is going through.
Solicitor Kevin Timms, of law firm Irwin Mitchell, said: "Even postrecall, owners of affected models are likely to face issues including the reduced resale value of their vehicles, while the significant fall in the company's share price may also give grounds for those affected to seek legal redress.
NZNO may seek legal redress under the Employment Relations Act if the situation cannot be resolved.
Meanwhile, the Kerala Bar Hotel Association on Sunday decided to seek legal redress against the state government's decision to make Kerala a dry state.