seek redress

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I cannot seek redress from those who employ you, - they are unknown to me, or are at too great a distance.
He dropped the hint that aggrieved aspirants and delegates might seek redress in court to challenge the outcome of the screening committee report.
He said Md Ali had the right to pursue efforts to seek redress based on the principles of natural justice and file an appeal because this was his constitutional right.
The information panel on the left-hand side of the page contains details of how to go about lodging a complaint with The Gazette or how you might seek redress.
In the absence of such a scheme, individuals who cannot afford to seek redress could go through the courts uncompensated.
"It reserved all of its rights to seek redress for any damages which may be brought by such reckless claim and takes seriously the imperative to uphold the rule of law in our democracy," the ADMU president added.
He said the step taken by INEC was not known to law and advised the commission to seek redress in the law court rather than taking laws 'into its own hands.
We need an explanation from the Taoiseach, the Health Minister and the State Claims Agency on why a woman who has been given a terminal diagnosis has had to go to court to seek redress.
The person can also seek redress for mental anguish he or she has endured from discriminatory behavior exhibited by colleagues if their identities are unjustly disclosed.
Beyai however, appeals to Liberians to use the justice system to seek redress instead of taking the laws into their hands.
Siaya Senator James Orengo says Uhuru should seek redress at the ICJ the same way Somalia has done in its border row with Kenya.
Edgbaston councillor Deirdre Alden, shadow cabinet member for clean streets, waste and recycling said: "If, as he claims, this strike is unlawful then he has a duty to those residents to seek redress through the courts, something he should have done when the unions first gave notice back in November, but something he should definitely have acted on when finally making the decision to do so in January.