seek redress

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IF Patrice evra was racially abused by Liverpool's Luis Suarez, then the manchester United defender was absolutely right to complain to the referee and to seek redress.
His victory is not just personal, it's a victory for other victims and will encourage others in a similar position to Mr Young to come forward and seek redress.
The remainder of the 80 staff will have to seek redress for themselves.
The JBI has promoted the ATCA as a uniquely important means for giving victims of human rights abuses an opportunity to seek redress and hold gross human rights abusers accountable for atrocities," said Felice Gaer, JBI's director.
A Birmingham mother-ofthree said yesterday she would seek redress at the Court of Appeal for a conviction gained during a nuclear weapons protest.
Often a letter to the shop will help you seek redress, or you can take proceedings in the small claims court without it costing you 'an arm and a leg'.
If, at the end of the process, developers still feel that their concerns have not been adequately addressed, they can seek redress in state court.
It seems truly inequitable for a New York broker to be denied the opportunity to seek redress in a court of law merely because of the failure to obtain a New Jersey license which only requires the completion of an application and payment of a nominal fee.
We see this as a profound miscarriage of justice and will seek redress in a rehearing or, if necessary, in an appellate court.
Brian Lenihan's son Junior Foreign Minister Conor Lenihan said the report was "very serious", adding: "If anyone feels money they gave was misappropriated or wrongfully spent, it's up to them to seek redress.
London -- London, March 13 /PRNewswire/ -- On 11 March 2003, Corus Group plc ("Corus") announced that it would be commencing proceedings before the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal (the "Court") to seek redress in respect of the decision of the Supervisory Board of Corus Nederland BV to reject the sale of the aluminium rolled products and extrusions businesses to Pechiney (the "Sale").
And a rejected job applicant suspecting religious discrimination in the UK can also seek redress at an employment tribunal under legislation on equal opportunities.