seek redress

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I cannot seek redress from those who employ you, - they are unknown to me, or are at too great a distance.
Their complaints are genuine but they should seek redress from concerned authorities.
The information panel on the left-hand side of the page contains details of how to go about lodging a complaint with The Gazette or how you might seek redress.
Deputy Ombudsman Carandang is free to seek redress before the competent court,' Calida said.
But the nurses countered that under the Supreme Judicial Courts augmented standard for identifying a SLAPP suit announced last spring in this same case the special motion should be denied because they brought their claim primarily to seek redress for harm caused by comments reported in newspaper.
Findings showed that the mothers would most likely seek redress in person, would complain to others verbally, or would take no action.
She said the arrest was made on November 2: the same day, the Pensions Regulator began enforcement action against Sir Philip and Mr Chappell "to seek redress on behalf of BHS pension schemes".
The inclusion of the service under the 2015 Consumer Rights Act means that they can now seek redress from train operators in more instances.
I would agree with Deborah Evans, CEO of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, that it is right that someone injured as a result of clinical negligence should be able to seek redress.
You will no doubt appreciate the seriousness of the allegation made against our client in the articles and this confirmation sought to enable us to advise our client on the appropriate legal recourse he can take to seek redress in relation to the articles," it said.
At least under the present system those with a genuine grievance can seek redress by "putting their money where their mouth is.
Health Minister Dr James Reilly is to support plans to revise legislation allowing women to seek redress through the courts for suffering symphysiotomy.