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PESHAWAR -- The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa cabinet has finally approved the much-delayed amendments to the KP prosecution law, which binds the police to seek the opinion of prosecutors before the registration of FIRs besides sharing their case diary with them.
He noted that his council will seek the opinion of media experts and international companies in order to set a list of criteria to be adhered by polling centers operating in Egypt.
For heart patients, it is better to seek the opinion of health experts with regards to their intentions about fasting.
Fazal said that the issue must not be hastened and the government should seek the opinion of the people of FATA.
Borisov told Gauck that Bulgaria would seek the opinion of the European Commisson about follow-up action after an arbitration court ruling, according to which Bulgaria has to pay Russia EUR 500 M in compensation for equipment already produced for <a href="http://www.
China welcomes Denmark's decision,' the ministry said, adding that China will further seek the opinion of other members.
CARDIFF City are to seek the opinion of supporters on a series of key issues amid revelations a number of fans may not renew season tickets despite the club's return to blue.
MANILA -- Senator Teofisto Guingona has expressed disappointment over the Senate's decision to seek the opinion of the Ombudsman on his committee's request to invite Janet Lim-Napoles into the P10 billion "pork barrel" scam investigation.
I have been to jail five times since 1998 in defiance of authority, which does not seek the opinion of the majority, on what I believe to be objectionable attitudes to animal welfare.
Bharadwaj to seek the opinion of Vahanvati directly.
The European Commission would probably seek the opinion of consumers and competitors before making its decision, Reuters said.
What I am sure of is that UKIP would seek the opinion of the general public (that's all of us) on key issues, by allowing referenda.