seek to attain

See: pursue
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The Youth Account is dedicated for young individuals, between the ages of 15 to 25 who seek to attain a successful future.
'Their support is as inspiring as it is challenging because it makes all of us in government constantly seek to attain greater heights for the benefit of our people,' noted the governor.
"As we seek to attain total electrification of the country by 2020, we will ensure that all operating ECs are providing the best services to their consumers.
We recommend all van operators, particularly those in the medical sector, seek to attain certification and work with Van Excellence to drive higher standards across the industry and ensure the ongoing reassurance of safety and professionalism that this programme can bring to healthcare providers and patients.
It is sad they seek to attain such a vacuous existence where how many likes they receive are their currency," Traill said in court.
Thanking the speaker and all personnel who organized the session, the minister stated, "There will be lots of responsibilities and objectives that we seek to attain with the MPs' participation and support for sake of a dignified livelihood for the citizens as well as for safeguarding public funds." She pledged to do her best for attaining these goals, "with cooperation from everybody." (end) jy.rk
Going forward, we will remain committed to understanding the banking needs of people with disabilities and seek to attain their complete financial inclusion in all our banking products and services."
As a result, the fund will no longer seek to attain its investment objective and will convert all of its portfolio securities to cash or cash equivalents and to decide and pay (or set aside), the ascertainable claims and obligation amounts, as it starts the liquidation process.
He said: "A core requirement of membership for any organisation is that a person voluntarily, and knowing what the aims of an organisation are and how they will seek to attain them, associates with others with a view to furthering the aims of that organisation.
But such talks will only make sense if opposition groups agree on what they seek to attain. The first round of similar negotiations, held in Geneva in 2012, broke down due to irreconcilable positions held by various opposition parties.
Both seek to attain a vibrant economy, increased living standards, a sustainable NHS, retaining Trident, sensible immigration policies and membership of a reformed European Union.
The conflict in Ukraine, where separatists seek to attain independence for regions in the east, and a law in Hungary forcing banks to compensate borrowers for interest rate rises were cited as the main reasons for the profit warning.