seek to attain

See: pursue
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But such talks will only make sense if opposition groups agree on what they seek to attain.
Both seek to attain a vibrant economy, increased living standards, a sustainable NHS, retaining Trident, sensible immigration policies and membership of a reformed European Union.
Shafiqa Al-Awadhi, Director in the research department at Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science (KFAS), stressed food security importance to Arab governments as they seek to attain the highest level of food self-sufficiency in their countries.
The conflict in Ukraine, where separatists seek to attain independence for regions in the east, and a law in Hungary forcing banks to compensate borrowers for interest rate rises were cited as the main reasons for the profit warning.
The two countries aim to reach the volume of $30bln in their trade and commercial relations by 2015 and we seek to attain this goal through planning and by removing possible obstacles," Vaezi said during the meeting in Tehran in March.
Those who seek to attain their short-term goals should know that the gravity of the losses in the long run may be immeasurable.
Finland considers it important that the European Union jointly and actively seek to attain these objectives.
Some seek only to obtain a reasonable annual return by managing to outperform the index of the asset classes invested in, while others seek to attain "strategic" objectives to benefit their country.
Individuals who seek to attain an increased levels on the grounds of their life expectancy have two main options.
Yet ratification would have proved to the world that the United States is willing to be held to its own high standard - thereby adding weight to demands that other countries seek to attain those standards as well.
Below are some of these headlines: HRH Princess Sabeeka in a press interview: we seek to attain highest level of familial stability; the absence of Family Law increases women's suffering at courts of law.
Camelot will seek to attain Triple Crown immortality on September 15 as a long odds-on favourite with the Leger sponsors already offering only 2-5.