seek to persuade

See: counsel
References in classic literature ?
Then have a care, I repeat, for you seek to persuade me, and if you succeed I should lose my reason, for I should hope that I could again behold Valentine.
Moussa also said, "the Muslim brotherhood, as well external parties, seek to persuade people to refrain from participating in the election.
My friend doesn't seek to persuade you otherwise, so it's a joint application between the Crown and defence to allocate this to the crown court.
We will seek to persuade the Supreme Court at the hearing of this appeal that David Cameron acted unlawfully in refusing a public inquiry and that the court should quash his decision.
As part of the deal, FARC members must turn over their weapons within six months after the deal is formally signed and instead seek to persuade skeptical Colombians that it's ready to play by the rules of democracy.
As John Wayne said "that'll be the day," but one has to hope and seek to persuade such groups as Momentum that this must be a priority because now to avoid an even more destabilised nation, more than ever the people need and demand honesty and to perceive more than an illusion of an integrity amongst MPs.
He pledged that Lebanon would stand on Kuwait's side at the international sports quarters and would seek to persuade FIFA and relevant international agencies to lift the ban.
According to some sources, Ahmeti offered Zaev a deal--in return for his not revealing any compromising material about BDI, BDI would support Zaev's demand for setting up an interim government and would seek to persuade Prime Minister Gruevski, too, to accept the idea; and according to other sources, Ahmeti was already given the material pertaining to BDI at this meeting with Zaev, Dnevnik reports.
She said: "I would be delighted to convene a cross-party campaign to seek to persuade the UK Government to change its mind.
The talks seek to persuade Iran to limit its nuclear programme in exchange for the lifting of sanctions.
But we will also seek to persuade others to press for measures allowing doctors and other medical workers in Syria to do their job.
MARK DRAKEFORD has said he will seek to persuade colleagues to drop support for a controversial Welsh Government policy to exempt TV productions from the smoking ban.