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Across the UK as a whole, only one person in around 2,200 is a supported asylum seeker.
Chairman of the Commons Home Affairs Committee Keith Vaz MP said: "The dispersal system appears unfair, with whole swathes of the country never receiving a single asylum seeker.
Swansea comes seventh, with an asylum seeker for every 286 people, while Newport is ninth, with a ratio of 1:316.
The Seeker Aircraft is a one-of-a-kind, purpose-built light observation aircraft specifically designed and developed for aerial surveillance missions.
They are officially registered as asylum seekers and are asked to give a brief statement outlining why they are afraid of persecution or death.
Asylum seekers held in Australia-run detention centre on Christmas Island have sued the Abbott government for poor health care.
Employers looking to recruit local job seeker and candidates looking to meet face-to-face with recruiters from top companies should visit http://www.
The number of citizens who have been summoned by various recruitment centres was (330) job seekers to offer them employment opportunities, (146) of them showed up, (27) accepted the jobs offered to them and one job seeker accepted training opportunity and another job seeker accepted self-employment opportunity through 'Sanad' programme.
Ask any successful job seeker that question and here is what you'll hear: "my network," "referrals," "a lead from someone inside the company," "word of mouth," and "contacting people.
One Zimbabwean asylum seeker said: "Tagging has caused me so much stress.
Immigration lawyers and advocates say that convincing a judge is often a difficult task, and success can vary depending on which court takes up the case and whether an asylum seeker has an attorney.
He simply couldn't take it any longer--the uncertainty that goes with the life of an asylum seeker in Britain today.