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Also, Sarah Burghart, 23 Edward Road, seeking a three-year term as a Taft Public Library trustee; Judith Leonilli, 47 Asylum St.
In second term, which ends 2009, and would consider seeking a third term to finish downtown Reseda redevelopment.
What are the relationships between academic engagement (peer learning, help seeking, and effort regulation) and the dimensions of social goals?
Aimed at educational researchers and teachers, this work looks at recent research on help seeking and examines issues of application.
Researchers in the fields of information studies and information science (Agosto, 2002; Dresang, 1999a) have noted that information seeking in a digital environment influenced by digital age principles may call for new perspectives.
You are joined by desperate housewives looking for men, families seeking pets, students who need roommates, and executives without jobs.
Tudiver and Talbot (1999) undertook a study of 18 physicians' perceptions of men's help seeking behavior.
The supplemental funds we are seeking will help stabilize and accelerate their democratic progress.
Several decades of cancer research have focused on what have become known as "patient delay" and the factors involved in the time between first noticing symptoms and first seeking medical help.
The entity seeking to make the election has not filed a return (for QSubs, the parent has not filed a tax return) for the first year in which the election was intended;
He left a divided legacy, however, with one group of optimistic reformers seeking to purify the city's environment physically and morally.
Seeking help with academic and career issues is a way for students to increase their chances of achieving career goals.