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The Army has also stated that higher compensation awarded for disability with tax exemption has over the years led to rise in personnel seeking disability even for lifestyle diseases.
Seeking Alpha's acquisition of CressCap will bring new levels of deep insight and timely analysis to users of its platform.
The underlying message of "Seeking a Familiar Face" is that the same can happen for us in this day and age.
The WHO and UNICEF have highlighted health-care seeking as one of the three main pillars of Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness.
Keywords: Information seeking anxiety; ISAS; postgraduate students; Pakistan
In recent research the findings have shown that supervisors' leadership styles and managerial practices could promote employees' feedback seeking (see e.g., Janssen & Prins, 2007; Qian, Lin, & Chen, 2012; Williams, Miller, Steelman, & Levy, 1999).
After an incident at Spar in Church Street, Chirk, on August 20, police are seeking the identity of this male in picture eight.
--Study of how the components of sensation seeking(adventure, experience seeking, escape from inhibition, boredom susceptibility and) and defence styles(mature, immature and neurotic) relate to aggression.
Lindberg is seeking the remainder of a term left open by the early departure of current school committee member Michelle Sciabarrasi.
Sathasivam sought within four weeks the response of the Centre and state governments on a PIL by advocate Mukul Kumar seeking directions for setting up all- women police stations, deploying more police officers at night to ensure the safety of working women, strengthening support services to victims of gender violence, penalising khap panchayats involved in honour killings and fixing responsibility on SHOs for providing security to women.
(2008) found that advanced practice nurses (APNs) with higher levels of education, such as master's degrees, used journals as one of their top sources of information, along with colleagues, when seeking evidence-based information.