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Woe to him who seeks to pour oil upon the waters when God has brewed them into a gale
Vangard, to Right and Left the Front unfould; That all may see who hate us, how we seek Peace and composure, and with open brest Stand readie to receive them, if they like Our overture, and turn not back perverse; But that I doubt, however witness Heaven, Heav'n witness thou anon, while we discharge Freely our part: yee who appointed stand Do as you have in charge, and briefly touch What we propound, and loud that all may hear.
Farewell I waste no more words on thee; the time that remains on earth to the daughter of Jacob must be otherwise spent she must seek the Comforter, who may hide his face from his people, but who ever opens his ear to the cry of those who seek him in sincerity and in truth.
The other bird answered, 'He will have to seek help from the Witch-maiden,[3] who will doubtless be able to put him on the right track.
This alone I know -- That, wave on wave, the Kiang seeks the sea, And not a wave returns.
The first tablet said: 'In the wood, under the moss, lie the thousand pearls belonging to the king's daughter; they must all be found: and if one be missing by set of sun, he who seeks them will be turned into marble.
To whose retinue he had been attached none had thought to inquire, for the followers of a Martian noble are many, coming and going at the whim of their master, so that a new face is scarcely ever questioned, as the fact that a man has passed within the palace walls is considered proof positive that his loyalty to the jeddak is beyond question, so rigid is the examination of each who seeks service with the nobles of the court.
He seeks glory, And for his glory all things made, all things Orders and governs; nor content in Heaven, By all his Angels glorified, requires Glory from men, from all men, good or bad, Wise or unwise, no difference, no exemption.
Hippomenes seeks my coy-eyed daughter to wife; but let him now hear my wholesome speech.
Yonder is the signal given to man to seek his food and natural rest," he said; "better and wiser would it be, if he could understand the signs of nature, and take a lesson from the fowls of the air and the beasts of the field
Therefore, as a man who has not thought and philosophised in vain, I seek no vengeance, plot no evil against thee.
A man who goes seeking should have some notion of what he goes out to seek.