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The studies suggested, with seeming definitiveness, that ending social promotion was ineffective, at best, and possibly destructive.
Louis Post-Dispatch and American Lawyer curiously described the decision as a "victory for students," seeming to forget that its whole point is to penalize schools for not punishing some students severely enough.
In Thailand, however, I noticed the many temples, the beauty of some, the seeming gaudiness of others, the blatant disrepair of many, whereas in the United States I drive by churches without thinking about them.
Another, with no text, shows locks of hair and a pair of shears, again linked by ribbons, and separately a millstone, with a spout from which ground meal pours, and with a head behind it, seeming to stare.
And so, at the risk of seeming a little foolish, let me suggest a few interesting ideas you, too, might read into Crichton's and Spielberg's movie, even if they never put them there.