seeming contradiction

See: paradox
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Whatever of seeming contradiction there might be in the letter of her friend, her active mind soon reconciled.
5, 2017 in JAMA Neurology, the seeming contradiction is a reflection of the large population of baby boomers who are now reaching their later years and beginning to show signs of serious cognitive problems.
This sparks a seeming contradiction between spaces deemed postindustrial and the heritage of medieval cobbled streets, and the bloodred sandstone remains of the old inner city wall that juts out alongside the concrete of the orbiting ringroad and its rising and falling slipways.
Accused of promoting extra judicial killings, accused of being discourteous to America, accused of kowtowing to China but gaining the trust and approval of a clear majority - this seeming contradiction deserves our deepest and most objective reflection.
British journalist and author, Shereen El-Feki, PhD, is struck by the seeming contradiction between high rates of female education in many parts of the Arab region and, at the same time, some of the lowest rates of female labour participation in the world.
165), and he tries to resolve his statement with the seeming contradiction that the apparent market for these sets of 12-16 paintings were not the local elites, but the colonial administrators, curious about the complex racial taxonomies and fascinated by American exoticism.
Boundaries are, as Fowler points out, a source of both division and connection, and they "achieve this seeming contradiction by being not one thing or the other but a composite of both.
That's where a resolution to the seeming contradiction between good SAT scores and poor overall school quality ratings can be found.
This seeming contradiction was perhaps Pickford's greatest gift.
While the regime appears to be acting from a position of strength, Yezid Sayigh, senior associate at Beirut Carnegie Middle East Center, highlighted the seeming contradiction in its position in an opinion article published Friday in Al-Hayat newspaper.
To understand this seeming contradiction, you should know some terminology.
This seeming contradiction underscores that the country's growth rests primarily on oil production and does not necessarily imply economic opportunities are expanding for most residents.