seeming contradiction

See: paradox
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That's where a resolution to the seeming contradiction between good SAT scores and poor overall school quality ratings can be found.
While the regime appears to be acting from a position of strength, Yezid Sayigh, senior associate at Beirut Carnegie Middle East Center, highlighted the seeming contradiction in its position in an opinion article published Friday in Al-Hayat newspaper.
Admittedly, this seeming contradiction plays out against a background of two different expectations.
To learn more about this seeming contradiction, researchers Andrea Papan and Babara Clow of the Atlantic Centre of Excellence for Women's Health conducted focus groups with 27 women in New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island who self-identified as food insecure and were overweight or obese.
Undaunted by the seeming contradiction about media influence, they argue that broadcast television as a media environment was critical in the latter part of the century.
While pondering this, I also pondered a seeming contradiction in my life.
But that seeming contradiction effectively sums up the involvement of private firms in public sector affairs - some arrangements go astonishingly well, while others come to grief all too quickly, and no-one can assess how they will turn out until the deal is actually done .
This seeming contradiction between increased restrictions on women on one end, and an acceptance of greater freedoms on the other, sends a complex message to Arab women: yes, you as a woman can study and leave the house to work but only once you have submitted to traditional family and dress codes.
For sensitive Jews-trying to rationalise the desire for tolerance, diversity and equality with the supposed need for Jewish self-determination-this seeming contradiction can be alarming.
This seeming contradiction falling sales and rising profits is one reason the mood on Wall Street is so much more buoyant than in households, where pessimism runs deep and joblessness shows few signs of easing.
However, a closer look at the demographic groups responsible for the increased March spending provides reason for caution and at least partly explains the seeming contradiction between increased consumer spending and near-double-digit unemployment as well as declining use of consumer credit.
This predicament questions and then attempts to answer our own non-Amish confusion at a seeming contradiction.