seeming contradiction

See: paradox
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Whatever of seeming contradiction there might be in the letter of her friend, her active mind soon reconciled.
Yet previous studies, mostly looking at de novo mutations have found that boys tend to have milder mutations and girls tend to have more severe mutations, a seeming contradiction.
One way to explain this seeming contradiction is that "terrorism" may be acting as a proxy in the survey for an overall sense of insecurity.
" These are tension and seeming contradiction yet producing results that may very well surprise us all.
Illustrating the alliance between progressives and Islamists, the seeming contradiction of social media penalizing anyone whose views too egregiously transgress against the progressive orthodoxy over here and the Islamic orthodoxy over there actually makes sense.
Despite the seeming contradiction, the team found indications of both.
In a seeming contradiction, male rats exposed to cellphone signals lived longer than rats not exposed.
The key element to explain this seeming contradiction is that OPEC has actually cut its total output by far more than it pledged.
Why the seeming contradiction? The answer lies in the fact that the IPAs' data only capture investments that will avail of incentives, even as substantial other investments also come in without them.
5, 2017 in JAMA Neurology, the seeming contradiction is a reflection of the large population of baby boomers who are now reaching their later years and beginning to show signs of serious cognitive problems.
This sparks a seeming contradiction between spaces deemed postindustrial and the heritage of medieval cobbled streets, and the bloodred sandstone remains of the old inner city wall that juts out alongside the concrete of the orbiting ringroad and its rising and falling slipways.
In a seeming contradiction, the answer to this data problem lies in collecting more information.