seemingly valid

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Farm employers say that farmworkers present seemingly valid documentation and Social Security numbers (SSNs) when they are hired, so they do not know who is unauthorized.
If that's the case, I hope the hospitals who receive fines for HIPAA violations after their next security breach remember to play those same seemingly valid cards.
As teachers, we have heard the endless list of reasons music practice was postponed--"Soccer practice ran late," "There was an unusual amount of homework this week" or "We had family visiting." The list of seemingly valid reasons to procrastinate goes on and on, but as musicians ourselves, we know that one key to success is practicing when it is not easy.
INDIA'S Intelligence Bureau has found a seemingly valid cover in staff shortage for its failure to prevent successive terror attacks across India.
Rovers must have fancied their chances but after a cagey start and a seemingly valid penalty appeal turned down by referee Andre Marriner their hopes began to collapse.
If this seemingly valid suggestion is true, it really started with the trailer, before the opening.
Whether by design or disinterest, the Israelis had simultaneously failed to satisfy Hizbullah's legitimate war aims and provided the group's critics with seemingly valid grounds on which to demand its disarmament.
McLaren was played through down the right and, when some seemingly valid offside appeals were denied, he delivered a dangerous low cross into the box.
Shakhtar had a seemingly valid third goal chopped off for offside in 19 minutes as the night lurched towards humiliation for Scotland's champions.
Tactfully carrying its readers through the mysterious disappearance of Marty's mother, the terrors of the bully at his new school, his comatose grandfather archeologist and the peculiar and seemingly valid questioning of weather the housekeeper is really human, Marty Boggs And The Curse Of Kutkara's Tomb is a humorous, evocative, and engaging story of the incredible mystery of the young Boggs' magical life.
Your Google search could have been enhanced by typing in: man "social animal" "famous quote." A seemingly valid reference was the third result down, and included the words "by nature."
As in Arlington, the new law was in response to significant revenue loss and residential inconvenience associated with the abuse of seemingly valid handicap license plates and placards in business and residential areas by drivers largely from other jurisdictions.