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Each "blowing" rose evokes a sense of fleeting beauty yielding willingly to the winds and suggests, by implication, the seemliness of abandoning oneself to arbitrary fortune.
The propriety and seemliness of this woman's approach was called into question by the teacher not only because of her dress but also because of her deportment.
Even though I conducted myself towards the young woman with unfailing seemliness, as though I truly was her brother or her half-brother, still Aunt Bee seemed to suspect me of wanting to make advances to the young woman if only it could be arranged for the two of us to be alone together.
Once the question that haunts post-mythic consciousness--that of the seemliness of religious symbols--had been asked, the ancient texts were, in their pristine form, no longer acceptable.
When the time is right, Thailand should move further away from one and closer to the other as realities and diplomatic seemliness dictate.
Bresson, fascinated by Lancelot's internal struggle, creates a man not unlike that described by Malory: "[God] hath given you beauty, seemliness, and great strength above all other knights" (686).
The assembled works of art provide the excuse to fight some contemporary ideological battles: battles about the place of sexuality in public life, the ideals of modesty and seemliness, the concept of sexual normality.
This emphasis involves counsel staffers in a range of activities, including distinguishing between White House expenses and campaign expenses; reviewing presidential travel; approving requests for appointments with the president and monitoring the requests for propriety, seemliness, legality, and executive privilege issues; responding to document requests and subpoenas directed to the president and to other White House and executive branch officials by congressional committees and independent counsels; and serving as the ethics officers for White House staff and executive branch political appointees.