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It were much more seemly, methinks, if yon Dumb man, who hath a sweet voice, would give us a song.
IF they did escape, then are we bound in duty to lay hands upon them and deliver them again to their lord; for it is not seemly that one of his quality should suffer a so insolent and high-handed outrage from persons of their base degree.
But I would have thee bear in mind, Sancho, that very often it is fitting and necessary for the authority of office to resist the humility of the heart; for the seemly array of one who is invested with grave duties should be such as they require and not measured by what his own humble tastes may lead him to prefer.
Danaan heroes," said he, "servants of Mars, it is well to listen when a man stands up to speak, and it is not seemly to interrupt him, or it will go hard even with a practised speaker.
It had been built under a strong conviction of the necessity of a more seemly place of worship than “the long room of the academy,” and under an implied agreement that, after its completion, the question should be fairly put to the people, that they might decide to what denomination it should belong.
With the Three Witches having sloped off across the blasted heath and Birnam Wood yet to show up outside Dunsinane the stage is set for all manner of hurly-burly, little of it seemly and all of it about some very large egos juggling for a place on the political gravy trains.
It has been highlighted that determination of the seemly criteria will keep the element of misuse by the family members or the treating physician or, for that matter, any interested person at bay and also remove the confusion," the panel notes.
The seemly normal photo is of a woman showing off her latest outfit with a mirror selfie.
The crux of the matter, according to Olabode, is 'the unfair labour practices and seemly untamable posture of some indigenous oil and gas companies and marginal field operators by relevant agencies of government.
Iran's deputy economy minister, meantime, expressed optimism that some of the collaboration will be operationalized within next month, and said, "There's a seemly atmosphere for developing banking relations between Iran and Switzerland.
It is true to say, there is certainly an "us and them" void which is materialising in Wales - with an elite who can seemly do what they want and a public that are unaware to what goes on behind closed doors.