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I sometimes think that at Bangor they don't express enough (but it seems as if over there, there was less to express).
It seems as if; over here, I had learned to come out with everything.
It seems to me that the further east you go the more unpunctual are the trains.
The gray of the morning has passed, and the sun is high over the distant horizon, which seems jagged, whether with trees or hills I know not, for it is so far off that big things and little are mixed.
To historians who believe that Russia was shaped by the will of one man- Peter the Great- and that France from a republic became an empire and French armies went to Russia at the will of one man- Napoleon- to say that Russia remained a power because Napoleon had a bad cold on the twenty-fourth of August may seem logical and convincing.
Strange as at first glance it may seem to suppose that the Massacre of St.
She said nothing, but this did not seem to strike him.
And to me marriage without love doesn't seem worth while," she said.
He did not seem to think that he at all deserved a medal from the Humane and Magnanimous Societies.
Every one in the place, except one poor woman, seems to look upon him as a sort of supernatural being.
To this aggregation of the Sperm Whale into such immense caravans, may be imputed the circumstance that even in the best cruising grounds, you may now sometimes sail for weeks and months together, without being greeted by a single spout; and then be suddenly saluted by what sometimes seems thousands on thousands.
It seems callous of us to have come," Penelope declared.