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The road was in a really bad way with potholes, now there is a good flat surface and a pleasure to drive on, I have never seen eye to eye with councillor Linsley Harvard but he is doing a good job and hope he does as good a job with the pavements that are in a mess for the pedestrians.
In his exclusive Journal Live blog, Sunderland light-heavyweight Jeffries admits the pair have not always seen eye to eye, but claimed it would be a mistake not to send Edwards to his fourth Olympics as coach.
He reportedly had not seen eye to eye with manager John Gibbons for some time and things came to a head this week.
has agreed to phase out the use of 17 traditional names like Champagne and Burgundy, and both sides have seen eye to eye on recognizing mutual oenological practices and simplified certification rules.
Raines, who had never seen eye to eye with regulators, was adamant in his declaration that no such improprieties would be found at Fannie Mae.
He and chairman Jeremy Peace had never seen eye to eye, and that looked like the last straw.
Megson and Taylor have not seen eye to eye this term, but the Baggies boss may give the striker his first real action since September.
Jubilee and TI have not always seen eye to eye and one maverick TI official had badmouthed debt remission as a sop to corrupt regimes.