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The DCO also directed to strengthen the brinks of Rakh Branch Canal to check the seepage and said that no negligence in this regard would be tolerated.
He also directed CDA to sort out a complete survey for permanent solution of seepage at Parliament Lodges.
If it's really minimal seepage, the dealer may be right.
He said CNRL was "confident" that the seepage was due to the mechanical failure of wellbores in the impacted locations and had a "pretty good idea of the likely wellbores.
C "There was constant seepage from in the bathroom floor alongwith a foul smell, the flat was infested with cockroaches and within a few weeks the walls developed fungus all over," Thind told XPRESS.
Seepage undercuts a streambank when particles are mobilized in the seepage flow that exits from the bank face (fig.
Whatever drains are put into the site to collect surface water this will not stop seepage from the decomposing bodies penetrating the ground.
The airline said that it will allow carriage of food items that are packed dry and not prone to seepage, but has disallowed carriage of improperly packed perishable food items in normal ice or liquids in containers that are susceptible to spillage or seepage.
When they took a closer look at these banks, they saw evidence that seepage out of streambanks was eroding out layers of soil.
BP can keep its blown-out Gulf of Mexico well capped for at least another day, after it was determined that nearby seepage was not related to the leak, a US official said.
The man overseeing the US government's response to the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has said seepage detected three kilometres from BP's capped well head is coming from another well.