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Tepco has indicated there was a possibility that the contaminated water from the tank had diluted with rainwater and seeped into the soil, the Japan Times reports.
He said: "During the years, the tar works operated, leakages from the plant have seeped into the earth.
Meanwhile, many oceanographers knew that fresh water seeped from land into the oceans, but, suspecting that volumes were small, they considered that influx to be of little consequence.
To contain the pollution plume, which has seeped into the Saugus Aquifer, officials plan to pump water out of two of the five capped wells for treatment - a project estimated to cost $6.
One of the slight problems with the lake in the Chinese gardens, when the site was open, was that methane seeped through the lining and bubbled to the surface.
BLOOD seeped through the floorboards of the house of a man accused of murdering Gary Linn, a court heard yesterday.