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Instruments record those data along with navigational information that enables scientists to map where groundwater is seeping into coastal waters.
crews will clear paths, pick up trash and complete some of the heavier work to help trail users avoid seeping oil.
The man in the lift on the 16th floor signalled for help when the lift stuck, and smoke started seeping into the lift.
Continue pumping until you see clean grease seeping out of the assembly.
In some places, seeping methane sustains thriving communities of exotic organisms that harness the gas as an energy source in their sunless environment.
SAUGUS - Crews at Mountainview Elementary School in Saugus are cleaning up a stink in eight of its new classrooms to correct a chemical odor seeping from the carpet.
Because no rivers emptied into the inlet, the radium must have come from groundwater seeping into the marsh, he reasoned.
Chamberlains geological interpretations, which "speculates that oil seeping from these potential giant fields is probably the source for the commercial oil seep fields in Nevada", management of Curlew Lake is of the opinion that this area has significant potential.
Water seeping back into the ground is cleaned naturally over years and is possibly cleaner than rain water runoff that fills our reservoirs.
The soil beneath the dead trees contains toxic amounts of carbon dioxide gas, which is seeping out of faults on the side of the volcano, Farrar and his colleagues report in the Aug.
The existence of gas is now confirmed as seeping into the ocean in 'plumes' at significant locations within the concession.
Suspecting the gas was seeping from a submerged oil well in the area, state inspectors probed the front yard of a house on the 100 block of Edgeware Road, where the odor seemed to be originating.