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Congress is perfectly capable, when it sees fit, of creating rights for private parties to sue.
The agreement allows Atlas to further explore the potential of the property, to develop, bulk sample or mine as it sees fit.
Deciding what to wear to work at the moment is a nightmare, with the weather blowing hot and cold as it sees fit.
Schepp, "Where, as in the instant matter, there is no finding that discussing such matters constitutes a grave threat of harm to the child, there is insufficient basis for the court to infringe on a parent's constitutionally protected right to speak to a child about religion as he or she sees fit.
25, the $250-per-plate dinner is also intended to support the primate's discretionary fund, a cash reserve that the church's national leader can Use as he sees fit.
Each district would then distribute the money to individual colleges as it sees fit.
Having desensitized us to their satisfaction regarding heterosexual sex, Hollywood now sees fit to propagate the love that won't speak its name as often and as robustly as possible.
It is not merely a tenant or buyer renting or purchasing space from you to use as it sees fit - it is operating out of your building and should be an asset that complements your other building services.
The collage furnishes him with the formal freedom to associate parts of things, or to isolate them as he sees fit, in order to disconcert and surprise.
We look forward to collaborating with the State Office of AIDS to implement the Initiative using federal funds until the legislature sees fit to invest directly in stopping the epidemic in our communities," said Stephen David Simon, AIDS Coordinator for the City of Los Angeles.