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You can use Seesaw in a flipped-classroom environment to deliver activity instructions in the form of digital handouts or videos rather than traditional written or verbal methods, and deliver differentiated activities or assessment tasks to students with specific needs.
But seesaw word ladders needn't be coherent or meaningful.
Dr Michele Sadler, who led the research team, said, "A key reason that we see this sugar-fat seesaw is likely to be because sources of sugars such as fruit, breakfast cereals and juices are low in fat, while sources of fat such as oils and meat products are low in sugar.
WORRY : Reece Geisler, with parents George and Debbie, on his release from hospital after receiving serious head injuries in a fall from the seesaw, pictured, at Fern Lea play area in Lindley.
The 1958 "The Miracle Worker" came a year after Gibson's first professionally produced play, "Two for the Seesaw," which brought Bancroft her first Tony and also nominations for best play and best director (Penn.
The seesaw harnesses the energy of youngsters playing on it and links to a generator which can be used to help light classrooms and power low wattage appliances such as radios, mp3 players and communication devices.
As a Cirque du Soleil acrobat jumps down onto one end of a seesaw, a performer with a lower mass standing on the other end of the seesaw gets launched into the air.
Problem: Ben is bigger than Jo and the seesaw won't balance.
ONE despairs of our political commentators who seem to be ensnared in the seesaw politics of "first-past-the-post".
Designed by Michael Gasselli, the hamster wheel and a half-wheel used as a seesaw deserve special mention for their sculptural beauty.
Commodities markets have often been compared in their search for supply and demand balance to the illustration of two people on a playground seesaw.