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But seesaw word ladders needn't be coherent or meaningful.
Using the AELPS alphome (Bell Labs) + two more AEPRS transpositions yields a longer seesaw.
Otherwise, all the seesaws will disappear because school boards won't take the risk of a lawsuit.
Whose rights do we honor--the kid who fell off the seesaw or the millions of youngsters who want to use seesaws?
A computer savvy person could answer by solving seesaw equations for every word in the dictionary.
There's a limited range of possible outcomes, so each result can be called the seesaw playground of a class of otherwise random words.
The MysterioUS forcE that controls the play of letters and allows or forbids 'random' connections in logology, like cognate anagrams or seesaw coincidences, must have been wearing faulty glasses when it missed a good seesaw opportunity.
Poser: is there a spelled equation whose arithmetic result equals its seesaw alphanumeric result?