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A deal has been reached in principal between the Fifers and FBK which will seethe Pars gaining first refusal on Kaunas' top players in exchange for a future sell-on fee.
The responses she's gathered seethe with a sense of loss that's beyond retribution.
Depending on results last night, this evening in Nottingham could seethe coronation of Manchester Storm as Superleague champs.
The angers in this anthology seethe with old pains, with the frustrations still basically unacknowledged.
Not unlike entertainers and professional athletes, the millions of people benefiting from the boom economy need an expe it remains difficult and time consuming to seethe client chooses.
Jealousy can seethe for along time and then boilover.
Miniflares dot the solar disk like tiny Christmas lights, and gases seethe just beneath its visible surface.