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I seethed like a man in intensive seething training, who wasn't as naturally gifted.
Where is this "true kindred spirit of friendship and hope" that Mr/Mrs Seething Westerner mentions?
SAD Nothingness (Regimental Records)--SAD plays dismal, pessimistic black metal, Extremely raw and minimal, the best elements are no keyboards and sampling, or lyrically political and religious preferences, It's simply about the seething bleakness of life and the entitlement to fucking nothing
Close quarters, strange foods, and seething pheromones--some of them quite possibly lesbian.
Some of the stories are so short they produce only a momentary glimpse into the characters, such as "She Waits, Seething, Blooming," which perfectly captures the angst a single mother feels as she waits for her 15-year-old son to come home, or "Naveed," in which a young woman worries that her lifetime record of lovers will be too high when she finally meets her true love.
A Dream Dissolving: The biosphere with seething life doth teem;/The stars are burst and formed anew to gleam/Within the cold and limitless expanse/While fragile man bestirs within his dream.
Perhaps the problem is that Beecroft's seething imagination has gradually expanded from the individual--for her everything begins with the idea of the self-portrait through a vicarious persona--to encompass the collective, and she now finds herself elaborating images that are deposited somewhere among the phantasms that nurture our dreams or nightmares.
Manager Tony Dobson was seething after watching his men capitulate last Saturday.
Marius, seething with envy but having no legal recourse, allied himself with the newly enfranchised Italian citizens of Rome.
Lucian Parliament, is to receive a papal knighthood and many Catholics in his home country are seething.
But privately he is seething at the lack of help n Paul Dickov, Frank Sinclair and Keith Gillespie are set to play their first game since La Manga tonight.