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From the moment the seethingly resentful Jane Wilson confronts John with a plantation matriarch's contempt, Smith begins revealing more to her psychology than strict humanitarian impulse.
While your partner may not condemn you as a strumpet, he may become seethingly jealous picturing the sex you had with a string of lovers who, in his imagination, far outrank him in terms of technique and stamina.
The seethingly indignant responses of his critics testify to the bang with which Crisp had arrived.
The labyrinthine verbal and strategic cruelties this group - calling them ``dysfunctional'' seems so trivial, so New Agey, for a band simmering with so much primal rage - perpetrates upon each other amount to a high-stakes game of cerebral one-upmanship so seethingly sinister and virulently ingenious that Karl Rove - or, if your tastes lean more to pop culture, Richard Hatch - appear positively genteel by comparison.
He has further distinguished himself by weaving infusing chants and rants that range from politically irreverent to seethingly sexual.
The whole delirious project, mixing self and aeuvre, is as intensely modern as his writing is seethingly romantic.
The pumped-up poodle is particularly absurd - until the seethingly angry Hulk punches its lights out.
Conveying one of his favorite themes--the hypocrisy of brutal southern Democratic slave holders preaching up the liberty and rights of man--Cobbett recounts how the would-be radical planter, less eager than his seethingly rebellious son to accommodate the slave, gradually reneges on his promise to grant the bondsman equal status.
After watching its rivals bring seethingly fast sports cars to this class of mid-$30,000 road rockets, Toyota delayed introducing the new Supra until the engineers were certain they had it right.