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The genome of BAV or KDV is [approximately equal to] 21,000 bp, and the segment length ranges between 862 bp and 3,747 bp (2).
TAD technology allowed tissue papermakers to segment their markets in the premium at home tissue/towel quite a few years ago.
The surgeon opened a small hole with a diamond bur and identified the cochleariform process and the adjacent segment of the facial nerve (figure 4).
Significantly reducing the time spent processing new business requests will free producer and customer service representatives to focus on closing sales and growing the small-commercial market segment.
9 million square feet, however, was down from last year's 13 million square feet, although the West Side and Grand Central segments did show gains in their year-to-date-leasing activity.
14, the board decided to require that any operating segment that constitutes 10% or more of reported revenues, assets, or profit or loss be reported separately.
Two-tier disclosure of full segment information for all primary segments.
Some bases can also be used to segment the rehabilitation market.
The statement would reflect the profit and loss of the related party group attributable to a "single industry segment," that is, a segment of the combined operations of the related group in providing groups of products (properly classified as a product line), products, or models
The study initially investigated the size, growth and market trends of this emerging segment.
We report the genetic characterization of the M RNA segment of Crimean Congo hemorrhagic fever virus (CCHFV).