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The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) provides considerable data relevant to this market segment.
To define the molecular variability among CCHFV strains, we determined the nucleotide sequences of the M RNA genome segment of two CCHFV strains (BA66019 and BA8402) isolated in China.
Because of this overall limited availability, the existence of only five blocks of contiguous, unoccupied space measuring 50,000 square feet or more in the segment, and the influence of newly-available Class A space, average asking rents experienced an increase of $1.
E51 proposes that the internal organization and management structure of a company be responsible for identifying the dominant source and nature of risks and returns and the business or geographical segments reported.
While Schwartz agrees that some fault segments can join to produce larger earthquakes, he maintains that most faults cannot produce the giant jolts called for by Jackson and Kagan.
Since the chain extender ends up in the hard segment, changing its structure can affect the crystallization and phase mixing.
Despite a nearly 37 percent drop in leasing compared to last year, Stamford was the most active segment in the county in 1998 with 1.
Definitions of segment revenue, expense, result, assets and liabilities.
The finding raises questions about seismic hazard studies, notably a 1988 report by a panel of scientists that estimated the probability of earthquakes along each segment of the San Andreas for the next 30 years.
This difference was caused by the stronger interaction of the urea linkage to result in the tighter hard segment domains.