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Segmental atrophy of the liver: An uncommon and often unrecognized pseudotumor.
Type I--Inferior segmental branch arises from the anterior division of renal artery.
The stainless steel device provides the strength and stability needed to treat more complex segmental defects due to trauma, infection, infected non-unions, segmental defect as well as chronic bone infections.
Peripheral PE was diagnosed in small segmental branches in 184 (42%) cases on MDCT pulmonary angiography and MPR detected peripheral PE in oblique oriented vessels.
2) The main fissure separated both parts of the liver when the segmental branch V was born from the right portal vein (segment IV from segment V respectively on the diaphragmatic surface and on the anterior portion of the visceral surface).
Segmental turnover was HK$173.0 million, during which the sales volume approximated that for the entire year of 2017.
Five of the 45 with prevalence of 10% or greater had agreement estimates greater than 0.6 using the Cohen [kappa] (Figure 5, a), including 1 individual descriptor (segmental hyaline droplets in epithelial cells), 3 subclasses (tip lesion, segmental hyalinosis, and podocyte hyaline droplets), and 1 class (podocyte injury).
A concerted effort to identify and dissect segmental hilar right renal arteries was crucial for control and resection.
Concern must be raised with segmental bowel resection.
Total of 40 patients with segmental bone loss of distal femur were included in our study which includes 32 male and 8 females with mean age of 32.6 (26-42).
Pathological data was obtained from pathology reports for each segmental colonic resection and individual polyp pathology submissions.

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