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He was also a member of the PTI ad-hoc committee that developed the original American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Guide Specifications for concrete segmental bridges, and was the first to apply these specifications to concrete segmental arch structures such as the Crooked River and Hoover Dam Bypass bridges.
Apical Segmental Artery (ASA) can originate in Four Ways
Regeneration in the segmental bone loss is a challenge for orthopaedic surgeons.
Interestingly, when patients with segmental NF have associated pigmentary lesions, such as cafe-au-lait macules, these lesions may border Blaschko lines.
Every segmental bridge construction project has its own challenges in type and size selection, design, production, formation and construction (Bishara and Papakonstantinou, 1996; and Chiu et al.
Segmental facial hemangioma is not rare in our society.
It can be seen that compared to segmental baffle and modified 10[degrees] baffle cut, 15[degrees], 20[degrees] & 25[degrees] baffle cut, provide a smoother fluid flow.
Conclusion: If patients of cervical radiculopathy treated with mechanical traction, segmental mobilization, and exercise therapy will manage pain and disability more effectively than treated with manual traction, segmental mobilization, and exercise therapy.
Segmental clavicle fractures on the other hand are exceedingly uncommon and are very sparsely reported throughout the literature.
Biomechanical models and human movement data largely relies on obtained segmental values to estimate and replicate the true anatomical structure of its subjects (Durkin et al.

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