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Data was analyzed and continuous variables like age were presented by range and mean whereas categorical variables like gender, registration status, symptoms like pain, paresthesias, segmental reflex loss etc, were presented in terms of frequency and percentages.
Physical examination shows reduced or absent segmental reflexes.2 To confirm the diagnosis a nerve conduction study must be done; electroneuromyography is used for this purpose.10 MRI with gaolinium-DTPA can help to define the extent of he inflammation and to exclude local entrapment of spinal nerve roots which is known to be a precipitating factor of herpes zoster.1112 Differential diagnosis includes lumbar hernias that can occur through the inferior lumbar triangle of Petit or the superior triangle of Grynfeelt and other conditions such as diabetic truncal neuropathy syringomyelia polyradiculoneuropathy Lyme disease and prolapsed L1-L2 intervertebral disc.
If the trunk and pelvis were indeed responsible for the triggering of the postural responses, one may expect segmental reflexes from the lumbar (ES muscle) to occur first through fast conducting monosynaptic stretch reflexes to maintain posture.