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In 1988 Reifenhauser and PlastControl both patented segmented air rings and agreed to share technologies.
The health care market can be segmented using different bases, including socio-economic variables, psychographic profile, geography, volume of usage and benefit sought (Finn & Lamb, 1986).
Particularly, an uncontrolled domestic corporation could not be required to furnish a segmented profit and loss statement if it had not already prepared such a statement.
The chemical structures of our segmented polyurethane, SEU, and polyurethaneurea, SEUU, are shown in figure 1.
It contains forecasts through 2009 for data expenditures in the areas of Internet access, private line services, ATM, frame relay, and IP VPN segmented by size of business, and provides insights on how service providers can lessen the effect of negative revenue pressure.
How is the stationery goods market segmented by type of product?
The copier market is segmented using the industry standard speed segments (PC through Segment 6) as well as its own market segments by environment (Personal, Workgroup, and Production).