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In 1995, Addex introduced and patented the first segmented IBC-based gauge controls, which adjust the air gaps of the IBC pancakes.
The rehabilitation market can be segmented by different age groups.
A requirement to furnish such segmented profit and loss statements with a starting date of December 10, 1990, is unrealistic and an unnecessary hardship, when it is not yet known whether this requirement will be included in the final regulations.
Syntheses of segmented polyurethane and polyurethaneurea
This report contains forecasts through 2009 for data expenditures in the areas of Internet access, private line services, ATM, frame relay, and IP VPN segmented by size of business and provides insights on how service providers can lessen the effect of negative revenue pressure.
How big is the microdisplay market and how is it segmented by application, performance and price?