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Midtown's Penn/Garment segment garnered the majority of the activity for the second month in a row, accounting for 25 percent of all the space leased in Midtown.
To understand the impact of these segments of the business, let's look at XYZ Corp.
The Japanese-owned automakers have not been competitive in this market segment historically, but they are masters at traveling down the learning curve.
Overall identities between nucleotide sequences from segments 9, 10, 11, and 12 of CTFV strains range from 90% to 100%: 97%-100% for segment 9, 96%-99% for segment 10, 90%-94% for segment 11, and 94%-96% for segment 12.
It controls film gauge by blowing heated air through segments of the ring.
It is very difficult to communicate the company's target segments when the company has not specifically identified them, which is often the case.
Dispensing with bacteria altogether, the 454 Life Sciences approach uses a test-tube process to coat each of hundreds of thousands of microscopic beads with DNA segments.
However, since recrystallization of TPU is dominated by the hard segment of the polymer, these materials tended to process poorly in terms of hardening kinetics, since so little hard segment remains.
The three tissue segments have very specific needs.
The middle fossa approach provides a safe and direct route to the meatal, geniculate, and labyrinthine segments of the facial nerve.
The report tracks annual financial data for 440 publicly reporting companies in 13 industry segments, including Business-to-Business Communications (B2B), Professional Education and Training Media (PETM) and Business Information Services (BIS).
Like a family made up of many different personalities, the collaborative applications market consists of younger and older segments that interact on some levels while operating independently on others.

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