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She told me all she could say was that individual institutions may segregate inmates for several reasons, including misbehavior, pending investigation, and before transferral to another institution.
Traffic-Type Zoning: Finally, switch management methods enable zones to segregate traffic by type.
The Dubai Municipality had asked shopping centres and malls to segregate waste at source and also get an approval on the bins used to collect waste.
The Segregated Account was established on March 24, 2010, to segregate certain liabilities of AAC that presented serious financial hazards to AAC and all of its policyholders.
On one hand the religious groups say they want to integrate, but actually they want to segregate.
The plan is not to segregate and not to divide the district.
For instance, particles of two different sizes will tend to segregate into different regions of the drum.
It also was shown that the amount of porosity could be changed, for example, from being filled completely with segregate without porosity to showing full delamination of the outer skin and the central core.
To avoid this result (which could trigger accelerated distributions and taxation, especially when the beneficiaries dramatically differ in age), taxpayers should segregate their IRA or qualified plan balances and name a separate beneficiary for each segregated account.
In what can best be described as the emulation theory, McPherson argued that African American youths may segregate themselves in particular positions because they imitate black stars.