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"The Municipality also started an experimental initiative to segregate recyclable and organic wastes at source by collecting it directly from houses placing separate waste bins for each item in collaboration with the private sector companies starting from this March.
The district dropped plans to segregate the middle schools by sex only a day after the suit was filed.
Engineering-based cost segregation studies take assets that have been classified as real property for federal income tax purposes and, using engineering-based analysis techniques, segregate the property that should have been classified as personal property into the shorter, appropriate class lives.
Characterizations of protected cells in Guernsey include a single legal person, not separate from the company, and creation within the capital structure of a company to segregate and protect the assets within that cell from claims that are unrelated to that cell.
"We had reports from Hereford's end that there would be no need to segregate, but obviously that was not the case.
With one dominant gene for resistance, all of the segregating families will segregate 3R:1S.
A very powerful security feature of a switched fabric is the ability to segregate switch ports into self-contained zones.
[Long term care facilities] do tend to segregate old people from the rest of us.
As this has happened the boundaries between audience groups have broken down, making it impossible to segregate audiences and target them with separate messages.
Hollywood didn't segregate its musical shows, but it did typecast blacks as servants of one sort or another.
Domestic Trade Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Datuk Hamzah Zainudd had reportedly claimed that his ministry was considering implementing laws that would segregate trolleysAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA nationwide, by using trolley different colors for haram products.
The initiative called aACAyMy City My Environment' was launched in 2012 by the waste management department of the civic body, which has continued with its second phase this year, which aims to segregate all kinds of waste in Dubai by providing recycle bins free of cost to households across all areas in the emirate.