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The interesting pattern: By income, the wealthy (households making more than $200,000 a year) are more segregated than the poor (families living under the federal poverty line).
As an inducement to readers to give this amazing new lettershift method a try, we present on the next page free sample portions of both the standard normal segregated lettershift field and the standard reverse segregated lettershift field.
The formation of a segregated account appeared to be the only feasible option for addressing the urgent financial drain caused by Ambac's failing policies without setting off triggers across its vast majority of financially sound policies.
The banking company has said that it has expanded its Citi OpenInvestor suite of investment services to include Segregated Collateral Custody Accounts.
CFTC regulations and CME rules require maintenance of excess segregated funds at all times.
Males and females have always been segregated in mosques.
It pledged to use segregated sustainable material in all its products by 2013.
It is my hope that by calling attention to the use of the word segregated in this context, the authors will modify their use of language so that specialized programs will not be portrayed as morally inferior choices for children, but instead as specialized educational settings for children who are blind or visually impaired.
The normal, industrial and/or agricultural colleges for colored students were clearly the segregated institutions because they were the ones disadvantaged by those discriminatory actions.
The Commission for Racial Equality said the UK was in danger of becoming a mini America, with schools segregated along religious and ethnic lines.
White was put in a segregated cell module at Men's Central Jail in Los Angeles, but the next day another deputy concluded that he didn't meet the criteria for protective custody.