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Lita, a resident of Al Mizhar 1, said: "They explained the benefits of segregating waste and we are following their tips.
JP Morgan alerted the FSA after discovering last July that their UK arm JP Morgan Securities had not been segregating client money held overnight by their futures and options business since late 2002.
In Southern state education systems, the segregating institutions were the constitutional conventions, legislatures and governing boards that established and enforced "separate-but-equal" schools.
HCA: The general authority for segregating costs between building and personal property stems from Hospital Corp.
Schools are segregating," Harvard researcher Erica Frankenberg told JS.
Direct attention to Chief Justice Warren's observation that segregating black children "generates a feeling of inferiority as to their status in the community.
The appeals court held that the detainee's affidavit that stated he personally observed the county jail's practices of segregating inmates by race, placing gang members with non-gang members, not segregating inmates who feel threatened, and not intervening to stop inmate-on-inmate violence in cell blocks occupied predominantly by non-white inmates, was insufficient to show that the county had either a widespread practice of allowing jail inmates to fight or segregating them by race.
Segregating LBGTQ kids is not the proper response to societal ignorance.
Segregating education along religious lines does no one any good, as residents of Northern Ireland are finally starting to figure out.