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FDR to Spur no-6 of New Segregating Embankment on the right bank of river Teesta in PS &Dist-Jalpaiguri.
If the results for the two races are combined and it is assumed that there are three genes, the expected ratio is six segregating for resistance to both races, zero segregating for resistance to TMB and susceptible to MCC, one segregating for resistance to MCC and susceptible to TMB, and one susceptible to both races.
2] families from the backcross, Medea/ 2 x Glossy Hugenot, that were segregating or susceptible in seedling response to stem rust races MCC and TMB.
Response to race MCC Response to race TMB Segregating Susceptible Total P (3:1) Segregating 64([dagger]) 0 64 0.
This is a good fit to the 39:9 ratio expected if two-thirds of the families are segregating 3:1 and one-third 15:1 (P = 0.
Alternatively, with six genes segregating in the backcrosses to LMPG, if the two genes did not condition distinctive ITs, they could easily have been lost by chance during backcrossing.
The results fit the 3:1 ratio expected if two genes for resistance and two suppressors are segregating (P = 0.
2] families were susceptible to race TMH(15B-4) but segregating to race RCH.
And by the end of next year, all the malls and shopping centres across the emirate should be segregating recyclable waste, said Abdul Majid Saifaei, Director of Waste management Department, Dubai Municipality.
Around 20 per cent of the malls have started doing it and by 2013 we can see 100 per cent of the malls segregating waste at source," Saifaei told Gulf News.
color) Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor wrote the ruling that may bar California prisons from segregating inmates by race.