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Kezang Dorji said that because of the project, most of the residents of the town have developed the habit of segregating waste.
FDR to Spur no-4 of New Segregating Embankment on the right bank of river Teesta in PS &Dist-Jalpaiguri.
FDR to Spur no-5 of New Segregating Embankment on the right bank of river Teesta in PS &Dist-Jalpaiguri.
In Southern state education systems, the segregating institutions were the constitutional conventions, legislatures and governing boards that established and enforced "separate-but-equal" schools.
Cost segregation entails a thorough estimate of the building's depreciable costs (direct and indirect), reconciling same with the tax return's depreciable basis, and then the segregating of such costs into shorter-lived asset categories that are differentiated between the realty and the personalty.
Despite these problems, the distinction between segregating and susceptible families was usually clear.
Lita, a resident of Al Mizhar 1, said: "They explained the benefits of segregating waste and we are following their tips."
For larger foundries, one of the advantages of segregating core sand streams from molding sand streams is that the two types of sands are better suited for different markets.
W1_, in a family segregating for the w1 and ms6 alleles in coupling phase will be fertile plants, Ms6_.
Dubai: One-fifth of the shopping centres and malls in Dubai have started segregating recyclable waste.
The passive loss rules necessitate rethinking whether segregating activities is always desirable.
The Waste Management department of Dubai Municipality is contemplating action against malls that are not segregating their waste.