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* In the Western region Viterra intends to segregate for Hindmarsh and Scope as no other malting variety is currently grown in enough volume to warrant segregation.
Hindmarsh has been declining in popularity in the Eastern region in 2014/15 season so Viterra expects segregation capacity for Hindmarsh to be limited going forward.
* In both the Central and Eastern regions Viterra sees only limited segregation capacity for Buloke in the 2015/16 season.
One guard grunted, `Security!' During twelve days in segregation, no further daylight was provided.
But the segregation measures are not the end of it.
To study chromosome segregation, samples of developing zygotes were taken every 5 min until 60 min PF and fixed with Carnoy's solution (1:3 glacial acetic acid and absolute methanol).
We also observed that although most dyads underwent segregation at anaphase I, others remained isolated from the two segregating groups [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1D OMITTED].
The Audit Analytics database was used to identify smaller companies with material weaknesses related to segregation of duties.
* One of the reasons listed was "IC--Segregations of duties/Design of controls (personnel)" (the material weakness involves a segregation of duties problem).