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credibility--in terms of seigniorage (16) and in terms of expanding its
The nation that adopts the currency of another nation consequently loses the seigniorage to which it would otherwise be entitled as an originator of money.
Each coin is produced by a separate mint and coin i is subject to a seigniorage charge of [[sigma].
An issue that Fischer did not fully address in the fixed exchange rate version of his 'basic argument' is how much seigniorage can a country capture without imperilling its fixed exchange rate regime.
25) The loss of seigniorage can also pose a risk to national budgets in that other sources of finance have to be found.
Seigniorage revenue and monetary policy: Some preliminary evidence.
All of the exercises are standard including discussion of seigniorage revenue functions.
If New Zealand adopts the Australian dollar, seigniorage is lost to the New Zealand state, but the Australian state's capacity expands.
This gives a state the power to tax, exact seigniorage, and define the territorial limits of its fiscal authority.
Ninth, the profits from the printing of notes and minting of coins, called seigniorage, would remain in Canada as we would produce in our own existing facilities the currency used here.