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SEIGNIORY, Eng. law. The rights of a lord as such, in lands. Swinb. 174.

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In "The Tragedy of the Seigniory," Bois does not repudiate Potvin but wholeheartedly trusts him because he too worships money.
Kristmanson would likely admit that his Gouzenko hypothesis is far from empirically proven (a vanisbing guest book from the Seigniory Club in Montebello and an allegedly symbolic reference to Lord Beaverbrook's chickens in a letter from Churchill to his wife seem to be the flimsiest points), but such speculation has polemical value.
better than a just and lawful seigniory," makes "his will and comaundment a lawe vnto his owne vassall," whom he treats as "a very slave and villein.