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Table 1: Total seizable offences 1991-2004 (Singapore Police Force, 2000/2001, 2005) 1991 51,817 1992 49,983 1993 46,670 1994 43,131 1995 43,123 1996 41,542 1997 39,392 1998 42,297 1999 35,982 2000 32,412 2001 29,077 2002 31,847 2003 33,458 2004 34,480 Note: Table made from line graph.
72) This Comment will use the term "digital plain view" to refer to any evidence encountered while searching digital media that, while not responsive to the warrant permitting the search, is nonetheless seizable in a manner similar to evidence encountered in traditional plain view situations such as Coolidge v.
The Court in Daccarett had determined EFT to be property by saying, "an EFT while it takes the form of a bank credit at an intermediary bank is clearly a seizable res under the forfeiture statutes.
Given that (a) capital is publicly observable and seizable, and (b) the society does not value individual utilities differently on the basis of individual wealth, this abstraction has no bearing on the problem we study.
The exceptions are: (1) searches of abandoned property; (2) searches in hot pursuit of a fleeing felon; (3) searches, with probable cause, to avoid destruction of a known seizable item; (4) searches, with probable cause, of a movable vehicle; (5)inventory searches; (6)searches pursuant to voluntary consent; (7) searches in the rendition of "emergency aid"; (8) Terry 'reasonable suspicion' investigatory stops: and (9) searches incident to an arrest.
They had identified seizable assets of pounds 27,307.
Judge James Pyke had earlier ruled that Hawkins' benefit from drug trafficking had been pounds 181,000 and that he had seizable assets, including his home, of pounds 91,941.