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More than ever, in today's fast-evolving international environment, America's diplomats need to have the resources to act swiftly and effectively to avert dangers and seize opportunities that allow us to tip the global balance of power toward freedom.
The proceeds theory allows the government to seize property that represents the proceeds of certain specified unlawful activities.
That means, says Grantlin, that law enforcement agencies will have to clarify whether they believe assets are proceeds from illegal activity before they freeze or seize them and that they may not be able to conduct a civil forfeiture after a criminal acquittal.
Four-and-a-half years later, after Good had served his time in state prison, federal agents used a civil-forfeiture proceeding to seize Good's house and his four-acre lot.
Operation Payback 2 was launched to seize the profits of career criminals and low-level offenders who benefit from organised crime.
Marshals Service permission to seize the hotel without prior notice to the owners.
If the government wants to seize real property without notice, it has to get a court's approval, but that is as easy as getting a search warrant.
NAWABSHAH -- The district police claimed to seize 536 litres of local wine and arrested 12 accused from different areas.
Using a warrant to locate and seize a single piece of evidence, such as a firearm or crack cocaine, may be a fairly simple matter.
Customs and Excise and police have joined forces in a bid to seize the vast proceeds of criminal activity being brought into London from elsewhere in the UK.
1) Yet, while the Court invalidated the search that occurred in that particular case, all nine Justices nevertheless agreed that under certain conditions, police may lawfully seize nonthreatening contraband detected through the sense of touch during a protective patdown search.