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"We have been least successful when we seize upon a conviction at the local level and take it to the highest state court," says Leonard.
Did he let his imagination seize upon Van Gogh's billiard table, along with its cue and trio of balls (one red and two white)?
Although it is not inconceivable that some revenue agents might seize upon the "new business" language in the ruling to disallow a current deduction for training expenses (especially following the Journal's assigning such prominence to the argument(5)), most taxpayers should seek to avoid that self-fulfilling prophecy.
Strangely, for this nation of cities and shopkeepers, the entrepreneurial spirit that would seize upon and exploit these occasions of geography was slow to develop.
They seize upon each new fact and each new piece of news as further support for their pessimism.
Advocates of one side or another seize upon the estimates that support their positions, and fiercely discredit the ones that are unfavorable.