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seized (seised)

n. 1) having ownership, commonly used in wills as "I give all the property of which I die seized as follows:...." 2) having taken possession of evidence for use in a criminal prosecution. 3) having taken property or a person by force. (See: seisin, seizure)

See: arrested
References in classic literature ?
Iwanich sprang at once on to the mare's back, seized the foal by its bridle, and hastened home in the highest spirits.
The Prince swung himself on the mare, seized the foal by its bridle, and hurried home.
But the Prince, without saying a word, seized him at once by his beard and dashed him to the ground.
Dantes seized the handles, and strove to lift the coffer; it was impossible.
Edmond was seized with vertigo; he cocked his gun and laid it beside him.
As he spoke he seized me violently by the arm; the roof of the palace opened to make way for us, and we mounted up so high into the air that the earth looked like a little cloud.
The deck was full of people, who watched my progress with interest, but when I seized a rope and swung myself on board, I found that I had only escaped death at the hands of the genius to perish by those of the sailors, lest I should bring ill-luck to the vessel and the merchants.
At its heels was a wolf, who had almost seized it, when the cat changed itself into a worm, and, piercing the skin of a pomegranate which had tumbled from a tree, hid itself in the fruit.
As soon as the Sultan recovered from the severe illness which had seized him after the death of the princess he sent for me and plainly, though politely, informed me that my presence would always remind him of his loss, and he begged that I would instantly quit his kingdom, and on pain of death never return to it.
The car was approaching the ground; but a few of the savages, more audacious than the rest, guessing that their victim was about to escape from their clutches, came back with loud yells, and Kennedy seized his rifle.
He seized Kennedy's and Joe's hands by turns in his own, which were burning with fever.