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However, the following facts proved otherwise and even supported respondent Anabel Moncera Salipada's claim that the seized articles were not recovered in her presence; and respondent Fehmi Lassoued was not at Room 409 during the implementation of SW (search warrant) No.
18-003, and further support Fehmi Lassoued's story that he was later brought to an unfamiliar room with the seized articles," he pointed out.
Subsequently, the above seized articles were brought to the BIR Revenue Region for storage as evidence against the violator of our tax laws,' the report read.
In another raid on a water factory in FB Area, the KWSB team disconnected illegal water connection and seized articles being used for filling the bottles with fake mineral water.
The seized articles were apparently used for ritual acts, the court official said
Overall, China continued to be the main source country for suspected counterfeit goods entering the EU, accounting for 73% of all seized articles in 2011.
An EU member state also made it to the top ten list of countries where the seized articles originated from.
The seized articles were 151 weapons of different kinds, 9,403 rounds of ammunition, 127 bottles of liquor, 1,258 kg of hashish and 1,770 kg of shammah and tambak (two varieties of tobacco products)," Commander of Border Guards in the province Maj.
Aside from the lack of search warrant, Aliangan also questioned why his Mitsubishi Montero was listed in the Joint Affidavit of Arrest but not included in the inventory of seized articles.
The police are in a hurry to auction the seized articles and may not wait for the trial to end and would put these to auction once these are presented in the court as evidence.