seized articles

See: contraband
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In another raid on a water factory in FB Area, the KWSB team disconnected illegal water connection and seized articles being used for filling the bottles with fake mineral water.
The seized articles were apparently used for ritual acts, the court official said
The seized articles were 151 weapons of different kinds, 9,403 rounds of ammunition, 127 bottles of liquor, 1,258 kg of hashish and 1,770 kg of shammah and tambak (two varieties of tobacco products)," Commander of Border Guards in the province Maj.
The defendants, after posting a $4 million bond with the court, may seek FDA's approval to "recondition" the seized articles.
The police are in a hurry to auction the seized articles and may not wait for the trial to end and would put these to auction once these are presented in the court as evidence.
The consent decree condemns the seized articles, Multi Shield Commercial, Ivy Shield and Dermaffin, as misbranded new drugs that could not be introduced into interstate commerce.