seized goods

See: contraband
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Khokhar said that the container was under watch and between the night of October 15 and 16, the seized goods recovered from a godown.
A full report on the seized goods was sent to the trademark owner so that they can take necessary action to stop counterfeiting and at the same time alert consumers.
The auction of the seized goods was held at Customs Intelligence and Raja Pur Khanewal road Multan Bypass.
The seized goods included fake brands of shampoo, body cream, large quantities of sanitary ware and auto parts.
Warehouses of seized goods will also be built at the border crossings of Ras Jedir and Dhehiba where officials assigned there will have residence and will be provided with a laptop equipped with the goods customs clearance application "SINDA" to impart more efficiency on their work.
Any shops found breaching the aforementioned provisions will result in the confiscation and ultimate destruction of the seized goods in order to protect consumers from the potential adverse effects of such products," he added.
Spokesman Mark Brierley was not surprised as counterfeit Some of the illicit cigarettes | and hand rolling tobacco seized goods seizures are increasing.
McBUSTED: Trading Standards seized goods outside the McBusted gig in Liverpool on Tuesday
The warehouse was fined and CCCP said that the seized goods will be destroyed if they are found to be hazardous to human health while the rest will be allowed to be re-exported after collecting a 30 per cent duty.
PCSO Mark Rodgers, Josh John-Goodwin and PC Nev Waller donate the seized goods to the project
The seized goods were also ordered to be confiscated.
ISLAMABAD -- The authorities, as part of their anti-smuggling measures, have seized goods worth Rs.