seized goods

See: contraband
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Washington Wines on The Drive in Washington and some of the seized goods
The seized goods were taken to RMC offices in four trucks.
The seized goods include 15,130 mobile phones/tablets, 8,296kg (594 cartons) auto-parts and headlights, 300 refrigeration gas cylinders, 37 cartons refrigeration coil and 45 buckets of Jotun Paint.
Some of the seized goods - including a knock-off Gucci handbag with the Manchester bee symbol on it steve allen
A security source had told TAP correspondent that the seized goods, including quantities of olives and products used in aquaculture, are regulated.
The seized goods included electronic items, watches, glasses, clothing, fabrics, perfumes and cosmetics, as well as medicines and medical equipment, tyres, auto spare parts, telephones and accessories, and computers and other imports, it added.
The seized goods - electronics, watches, tyres, medicines, clothing, perfumes and cosmetics among others - were fakes of established brands.
Trading standards investigator Dave Ellerington with some of the seized goods from MAM African, European and Continental supermarket on Westgate Road, below, Above right, the soap containing mercury and some of the seized spirits
The initial estimated value of tax evasion comes to Rs200 million and value of seized goods totalled at Rs300 million during 2010-2106.
16 million in revenues from the sale of abandoned and/or seized goods in one of its major ports.
The company said that the seized goods included a counterfeit large-size cylindrical roller bearing.
An official from the Ministry of Commerce and Investment (MCI) said that the seized goods were not in conformity to the standard specifications.