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On the political side, the Republicans need an issue to show that they are more hawkish than the Democrats, so they have seized upon Star Wars.
With the doom-mongers' cries of Y2K sounding increasingly familiar, computer industry Cassandras have seized upon a new potential IT calendar catastrophe.
Although botulism is contracted most often through contaminated food, terrorists have seized upon the toxin as a biological weapon.
Local architect Thomas Spiegelhalter seized upon this prosaic edict as a basis for lyrical, holistic architecture that suggests intriguing new paradigms for development.
many companies have seized upon the bull market and now see stock as an attractive supplement to wages.
But like the proverbial blind men in their encounter with the elephant, Hirsch and others who have reported on the deficiencies of American high-school students have seized upon only a part of the significant phenomenon.
How sad to realize we have not seized upon children's innate curiosity and opened the door to the whole world of real nature that lies within their reach, especially in the camp setting.
Without benefit of scientific investigation, both media and legal types seized upon the stories, resulting in widespread TV coverage and a rash of lawsuits against vaccine manufacturers.
The pharma sector long ago seized upon the advantages of conducting clinical trials in India," says Alquest CEO Linda Alexander.
Taken by cousins Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths (called Alice and Iris to protect their identities) as "evidence" of their regular encounters with fairies near their home in Cottingley village, they were seized upon by such worthies as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as proof of a world beyond our ken.
Jacob's packed off to a summer camp, where he meets his hairy pal, after which the pair of you embark on an endearing and enjoyable adventure, tackling a host of brainteasers that are But this is no bad thing, as quite a few of the puzzles add their own unique spin on the well-worn formula, sprinkled with explorative interactive scenes that But here, the cracking combination of engaging, colourful characters and taxing youngster-friendly puzzles has been seized upon by Jacob Jones and While it won't win any awards for innovation, Jacob Jones is a really good-looking entry to the adventure-puzzle genre, and future episodes will no doubt build on these firm yeti-filled foundations.
Any complacency could be seized upon by the Cottagers, who will be doing their utmost to secure the victory they need to make sure of a berth in the knockout stages.