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Bigalke B, Haap M, Stellos K, Geisler T, Seizer P, Kremmer E, et al.
Disabusing readers of the common misconception that the assimilation of Buddhist teachings and African American cultural forms is idiosyncratic to Johnson, Seizer describes the significant, if under-studied development and expansion of black Buddhism in post-civil rights America.
The genus Delphinus has been observed associated with characteristic offshore bathymetric features such as escarpments and submarine canyons (Evans 1974; Polacheck 1987; Seizer and Payne 1988; Gaskin 1992; Gowans and Whitehead 1995).
Seizer and Torres maintain that investors need to understand three principles gleaned from past market crashes.
Physician-authors, like Richard Seizer, John Stone, Perri Klass, and more recently Sherwin Nuland, Rafael Campo, and Jerome Groopman have revealed the texture of medical practice.
Seizer is also certified to teach Simonson Jazz dance and Kripalu yoga.
The very essence of Judaism, Seizer asserted, "involved a revolution to radicalize the world through Jewish powerlessness and suffering" (italics in the original).
The Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test (MAST; Seizer, 1971) was adapted so that each item assessed fathers' and mothers' drinking behavior separately (Sher, 1985).
45 million rupees foreign origin non duty tax paid goods during last six months in 485 seizer cases.
They said that hundreds of soldiers raided the village, destroyed the tents and beat up the activists, who have set the tents in an attempt to stop Israeli seizer of the land to expand illegal nearby settlements.
He lauded the performance of Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF), saying that Pakistan was the number one drug seizer country with only ANF 2500 personnel.