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Or perhaps the City Council might consider a measure that would seize all funds from political campaigns that violate fund-raising laws.
The facilitation theory allows the government to seize property when it facilitates certain criminal conduct.
First, the legal threshold to seize facilitating property usually is easier to obtain.
It guarantees only its aptitude to seize what's happening and provide an aftermath for calculating what it will have been worth--in a future perfect tense that underscores endurance.
Gutsue suspects that a deal was struck: After the raid, the police would seize the $5-million ranch under federal forfeiture law, which allows the government to take property used to commit a drug crime.
The Bureau of Customs and Border Protection currently seizes approximately $1 million per month in counterfeit electrical merchandise, up from $4.
It's really important for the government not to seize someone's property in the absence of a conviction for a crime.
For example, an officer arrests a subject and seizes the jacket the suspect is carrying.