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Peshawar contributed in the campaign by seizing 3 million 48 thousands cigarette sticks that involved Rs.
2004), another case where a defaulter sued the government to keep it from seizing her federal payments, the Eighth Circuit Appellate Court ruled that if Congress had wanted Social Security payments to be seized it would have originally written that into the amended HEA in 1991.
In seizing the Iraqi funds, the Bush administration ignored the advice of 20 former national security officials, "including a former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff'," recalls Moore.
Police in Finland are seizing an increasing amount of forged euro notes and coins.
Prior to seizing animals, departments must remember that the maintenance of livestock, race horses, and other animals during litigation can prove problematic.
The current standard, which requires the state to show by "clear and convincing evidence" that property was the proceeds of a criminal endeavor before seizing it, would be replaced with a "beyond a reasonable doubt" standard, which would be tougher for prosecutors to meet.
The seizing of this vehicle should serve as a notice to those apartment owners who would seek to subvert New York's tenant protection laws," he said in a statement.
As a category specific to philosophy, truth is what I call an operator for seizing truths.
Seizing illegal cigarettes and alcohol is also a priority and police have been working with HM Customs to target sales of these items.