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Whence could it have proceeded, that the Athenians, a people who would not suffer an army to be commanded by fewer than ten generals, and who required no other proof of danger to their liberties than the illustrious merit of a fellow-citizen, should consider one illustrious citizen as a more eligible depositary of the fortunes of themselves and their posterity, than a select body of citizens, from whose common deliberations more wisdom, as well as more safety, might have been expected?
All this time there had been a great whisking in and out of the other room; the door had been opened and shut very softly about twenty times a minute (for it was necessary to keep Mrs Kenwigs quiet); and the baby had been exhibited to a score or two of deputations from a select body of female friends, who had assembled in the passage, and about the street-door, to discuss the event in all its bearings.
I am attended by a select body of our boys; the butcher, by two other butchers, a young publican, and a sweep.
I shall shortly be called upon to entertain the same select body of friends as we had the autumn before last, with the addition of Mr.
ROME -- Continuing to diversify global representation in the most select body of Catholic prelates, Pope Francis announced Jan.
However, those who took the direct route from Wear to Tyne area much t more select body, with Stan Anderson and Paul Bracewell the most signifi-cant.
A select body of politically appointed judges is investigating the charges.
The zones, entitled CHOOZE, SONICIZE, MOTORIZE, MOBILIZE, CUSTOMIZE, PERSONALIZE and CRUIZE(TM), are used to select body style, paint job, sounds, engines, accessories, and decals.
Based on 10 model types -- four types for 1300 cc and six types for 1500 cc -- the new Mazda Demio Web Tune Factory enables customers to select body colors and options including factory-installed and dealer options, and conduct a simulation on the Internet to view their Web-tuned Demio on display, Mazda said.
The idea is to appoint an eight- or ten-man select body of the world's top umpires and centrally contract them to ICC.
Rated the #1 health app in multiple countries, Tactio's TactioHealth home wellness system enables users to self-track health parameters such as weight, body fat, waist size, and systolic and diastolic blood pressure on their iPhones or iPads by inputting or importing data from select body scales, blood pressure monitors, pedometers and now BodyMedia FIT armbands.
These same themes will carry through each treatment and package offered, including the sand of the Sandhills for exfoliation treatments, clay from neighboring Seagrove for select body wraps and local botanicals such as holly berry, magnolia and pine for aromatherapy and body treatments.