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There was a hole there which would afford steady work for all the people in that region for some years to come -- in trying to ex- plain it, I mean; as for filling it up, that service would be comparatively prompt, and would fall to the lot of a select few -- peasants of that seignory; and they wouldn't get anything for it, either.
"You are the master of my ceremonies," she said to des Lupeaulx,-- ambiguous words, by which she expressed the annoyance she felt with the secretary for presuming to interfere with her private parties, to which she admitted only a select few. She left the room without bowing to Rabourdin, who remained alone with des Lupeaulx; the latter was twisting in his fingers the confidential letter to the minister which Rabourdin had intrusted to La Briere.
It was so beloved by the select few who were fortunate to receive it that the family started giving the sardines as a special gift.
"It seems to be a select few who are targeting vehicles and stealing tools.
select few were booked by me on train from Varanasi, and given OTS ('OTS: One Time Settlement with Bank Of India')," Amitabh tweeted late on Monday.
RAWALPINDI -- President Dr Arif Alvi on Friday said the national security has become a very complex and multi-faceted undertaking, adding that it is no longer the exclusive domain of a select few.
Only a select few know what that really means, because only a select few have been able to see it - according to their reports it means the screen can display 3D-style imagery without glasses.
Only a select few know what that really means, because only a select few have been able to see it - according to their reports, it means the screen can display 3Dstyle imagery without glasses.
Responding to comments by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad that Khazanah had deviated from its original purpose to help the Bumiputera, the MCA deputy president warned the government against asking Khazanah to divest its profitable assets to a select few Bumiputera individuals.
And for a very select few men and women, a life outdoors means chasing the adventurer's holy grail: stumbling across a lookout, treehouse, or perfect campsite miles from another soul.
With more than 1,100 submissions, only a select few individuals are chosen for each of the 32 categories.